Television and Cinema’s Most Famous Vehicles

The Emmy Awards are right around the corner. The Television Academy will be hosting it’s 71st Primetime Emmy Awards Ceremony on Sunday, September 22nd and Hollywood’s A-listers will be out and dressed to the nines. Typically in Hollywood the accolades and awards are given to the actors, the directors, and to the productions themselves, but isn’t it about time we celebrated the four-wheeled performers?

Whether it’s Adam West’s sleek, sixties Batmobile or even Walter White’s delightfully dorky Pontiac Aztec, Iconic TV and movie cars have been around as long as TV and movies themselves. In some cases, the vehicles bring as much to the table as they actors do. Would Tony Soprano be quite as looming a presence without his hulking Chevy Suburban? Would The A-Team be half as memorable without their ’83 GMC G-15 van? Speaking of vans, how would Scooby Doo and the gang have solved mysteries without their trusted Mystery Machine? The folks at Auto Accessories Garage are finally giving credit where credit is due. Their “Ultimate TV & Movie Cars List” attempts to collect all the classic and quintessential cars, trucks, SUVs, and stair cars ever committed to film and showcase them in one interactive page. This list is sortable by vehicle type, decade, TV or film, and even Tom Selleck or non-Tom Selleck. A form at the bottom will even allow you to notify the team if there’s anything they missed!

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