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We are all about the car scene. Clubs do amazing things in the community and our team celebrates that with you. We will come out to your event with swag and help you out. We will hand out your promotional material. You just have to ask.

Send us your request to admin@raczer.com

Our Story

What is it about cars? Why do we spend hours surfing youtube for cool mods or spend hours walking around parking lots looking at other peoples cars? Why do we eat, sleep and breath cars and spend every single weekend doing something car related? Why are we infatuated with cars when they are really just supposed to be transportation? Why is it that cars are our happy place? There are thousands of us. We look past normal sports and hobbies and spend weeks on mods and searching for parts. We spend hours and hours on end walking, talking and breathing cars. Why are we so addicted to this?

You see, to us cars are freedom and a sense of self expression. We identify with something that is truly ours. It’s an expression of our identity. It’s mine and reflects me. It’s who I am and an extension of my personality. There is a unified bond in the car community. A connection, a relationship that ultimately brings us together. It’s a common ground for building relationships and building life long friendships. Cars are a thrill, an escape and an endless array of opportunity. We have friends that are car lovers. We are thrill seekers, artists, mechanics and it doesn’t end there. You see, it doesn’t matter what your trade or craft is, it’s about passion. We are cranking that seized bolt, telling stories in garages and building the ultimate love story. It’s that single moment when you are alone and frustrated and yet feeling accomplished that you finally got that part installed. THIS IS OUR CAR CULTURE. This is the beauty of cars and car enthusiasts and why we created RACZER.COM

Raczer's Approach

Raczer is all about the car community. We currently visit over 40+ events/year and are actively growing the car community through our online platforms.


Join our growing network of car enthusiasts.